What is the difference between lead-acid power batteries and energy storage batteries?

                                          Lead-acid power batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles, mainly electric tricycles and electric four-wheel cars. Of course, Tesla is not included. The ternary lithium battery used by Tesla has nothing to do with our problem today.

                                               The application products of power batteries are basically related to vehicles. Such batteries mainly power electric vehicles and occasionally provide high current for climbing. The battery on the electric bicycle used at home is a power battery!

                                               Energy storage batteries mainly refer to batteries used in solar power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, and renewable energy storage energy.

                                               The energy storage battery mainly stores electric energy. When the energy storage battery provides external power supply, it will not fluctuate as much as the power battery. The energy storage battery has a relatively stable output, generally with a small discharge current and a long discharge time. Another requirement for energy storage batteries is long service life. The service life is generally about 5 years.